And  Jesus   said  unto  them,  I  am  the  bread  of  life:
  he  that  cometh  to  me  shall  never  hunger;  and  he  that  believeth  on  me  shall  never  thirst.  -John  6:35

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We are living in a time when many people look at truth as something that is relative and not absolute, depending upon the situation or the convenience of the circumstances. Therefore, it is our mission to present truth in its entirety as absolute, according to the preponderance of Scriptural evidence found written verbatim upon the pages of the Word of God, which is the final authority on any matter regarding our faith and practice.


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Anthony Tamel Series - Go and Show Christ:

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4. Jesus Related
7. Jesus Served
10. Jesus Overcame
2. Jesus Cared
5. Jesus Sought
8. Jesus Mentored
3. Jesus Prayed
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